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  • Walking paths and several pergola’s in the distance.
  • Four residents outdoors enjoying the sunshine.
  • Outside, gated garden area
  • Outside pergola’s offering shaded areas for relaxing and resting.
  • Rose Garden Residential Care sign out front with flowers along the base of the sign.
  • Outside walking paths and a pergola in the middle offering a seating option.

Welcome to Rose Garden Residential Care banner

Rose Garden Residential Care is a 2 acre secured property located in the beautiful city of Mentone, CA. We specialize in care for residents who have Dementia, Alzheimer’s disease or other related cognitive disorders. We have been serving our community since 1990.


Manicured gardens outside of the facility.

Our Dementia and Alzheimer’s community provides daily structure which is designed to maintain the resident’s abilities and give each resident a sense of security.
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A statue of a boy and girl kissing in the garden area.

We provide abundant landscaped gardens and courtyards with secured walking paths, in-house hair appointments, and areas for reading, exercising, playing cards, and family visits, just to name a few.




Beach scene on the fence in the garden.

All programs and activities are customized to enhance the quality of life of our residents. Residents, with encouragement, support, and family involvement can keep active and mentally engaged.